Mission Statement

To foster family harmony and strive for the continuation of family businesses by assisting them to develop the necessary governance structures and processes that will increase their wealth and protect their legacy over generations.

Our Vision Statement

To be the Organisation of choice that Family Businesses will turn to safeguard successful transitions across generations; to position FBS as the top tier firm of choice for family business consulting and training, that draws on the best talent from the diverse specialisation areas to deliver the best solutions.

What We Do

At FBA we take the time to really understand your specific needs, and yet big enough to provide unique advice to family owned and operated businesses. You can count on our experience to provide objective advice, to mediate solutions in disputed areas, facilitate communication and family commitment for growth, and the development of professional structures and business operation. Our family business specialists are objective, very experienced and can provide:

  • Generational transition planning, business coaching and mentoring.
  • Family business succession planning.
  • Developing of family Policies and agreements
  • Developing and implementation of Family Constitution or Charters
  • Operational and strategic management structuring
  • Objective external advice on family issues and conflict resolution processes.
  • Assistance with the development and implementation of a family office, family forums, family councils and advisory boards.
  • Responsive legal, tax, financial, accounting, business advisory support and wealth and legacy Planning through our unique Family Office Services.
Our Strengths

Family Business Dynamics
We understand the business family and its unique challenges, especially during leadership and ownership transitions.Family Business Strategy
We know what it takes to create long-term family strategies that promote trans generational wealth, and how to blend family business and ownership strategies.Family Business Boards & Councils
Good governance is the foundation of good decision-making. We provide effective frameworks that facilitate successful decisions for business families.

Communication skills
We are fluent in the essentials needed to manage the complexities of business relationships including how to handle conflict, ask the right questions and defuse tense situations

Continuity planning
We not only provide the necessary tax, legal and estate planning services traditionally associated with succession planning, but we actually start by understanding and exposing what the family’s shared purpose is. We achive this by exploring the “human side” of the succession process and understanding the family dynamics at play within any family business.